PACIE Celebrates 50 Years!

PACIE has seen a lot in its day. We’ve brought together thousands of people from all over the state to engage international education. We’ve held conferences and workshops, meetings, and trainings, building professional skills for high school teachers, university faculty, administrators, and nonprofit leaders. We’ve built state coalitions for global good in times of war, isolationism, and uncertainty. And now, after 50 years of creating global ready graduates in Pennsylvania, we’re on the eve of helping to create a clear legislative resolution for global education.

In honor of our 50th anniversary, we ask that you consider helping us grow our membership. If you believe in creating a globally prepared and empathetic workforce, join or renew your membership today.

There are over 1,500,000 million nonprofits in the United States. Many will never see their 5th birthday, let alone their 50th. Thank you so much for helping us to create the leading authority for global education in PA. By joining or renewing your membership today, you’ll ensure our work continues to impact young people and educators in Pennsylvania for the next 50 years!