PACIE Welcomes International Students to Pennsylvania

PACIE (Pennsylvania Council for International Education) continues to welcome international students to Pennsylvania. Actively supporting our institutions' efforts to serve their international students is central to our mission. 

Not only is this support consistent with our organization's values-connecting our students to the world and fostering meaningful engagement with our communities and the world-at the same time, supporting international students has meaningful benefits to the economy of the commonwealth. These benefits appear as the jobs created and supported by these students on our campuses as well as opportunities in our communities from transportation and the food industry to shopping and banking.

As PACIE advocates, the commonwealth's long-term growth benefits from connecting to the global economy. Pennsylvania already has one of the largest global economies, is a growing exporter and hosts many foreign-owned businesses. In order to sustain this growth, we will need more workers with the skills that will enable them to thrive in the global workforce and expand opportunities both at home and abroad. Therefore, it is in our self-interest to nurture these connections and continue to welcome international students to our schools.