PACIE-Asia Institute Global Education Scholarship

Scholarships Overview
To increase the global awareness and competencies of students seeking studying at universities and colleges in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Council for International Education and the Asia Institute are offering $2,000 in scholarship funding, which will support students seeking to participate in global learning experiences in Asia in 2019. Meet the PACIE-Asia Institute Global Education Scholarship winners!

Eligibility and Participation
* All submissions should be jointly submitted by a student and a faculty advisor. The faculty advisor can either be a Study Abroad Officer or a Professor. Preferably this individual would have a working relationship with the student applicant. 
* Submissions will be accepted from any undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral student who is attending a university or college in the
  Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 
* Students applicants should be seeking to participate in a global learning experience in Asia in 2019. The global learning experience can be: 
   1. Short-term faculty-led program (10 days - 8 weeks) 
   2. Semester or full year study abroad program
   3. International internship (6 weeks minimum) 
   4. International scholarly research (4 weeks minimum) 
* Student-faculty joint submissions should be submitted no later than March 1, 2019. 

* Submissions will be accepted only from students who have selected a global learning experience in a country different from their nationality and/or different from the country that issued their passport

Application Guidelines and Portal
To learn more about eligibility and the scholarship requirements, please download the scholarship guidelines here.

Student Application Portal: 
Faculty Application Portal: 

For all questions on the scholarship or how to submit an application, please contact Eva Li, Scholarship Coordinator

PACIE-ISA Study Abroad Scholarship

Scholarship Overview

In support of PaCIE’s vision of global-ready graduates, ISA is proud to offer summer and semester study abroad scholarships to support students wishing to study abroad. Both high school and undergraduate students are eligible to apply. Meet the ISA PACIE Scholarship Study Abroad Scholarship winners! The ISA PaCIE scholarship will award a total of $6,000 for use towards any ISA education abroad program. Details are as follows:

Summer program scholarships

  • For ISA programs less than 10 weeks in duration

  • Amount: $500

  • Application deadline: March 18th

Semester program scholarships

  • For ISA programs 10 weeks or longer in duration

  • Amount: $1000

  • Application deadlines:

    • Fall semester: May 17th

    • Spring semester: October 15th

Eligibility Requirements and Process

  • Students must be enrolled full-time at a high school, college or university in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

  • The scholarships may be utilized to participate in a summer or semester ISA program, including internships, service-learning or study options. For more information on ISA programs, please visit (undergraduate) or (high school)

  • Scholarships must be applied towards an ISA program within the same application cycle - i.e. students applying for the summer scholarship must use the scholarship over the upcoming summer

  • Students may submit their scholarship and program applications simultaneously

  • ISA will notify applications within six weeks of the application deadline

To apply, click H