Senate Resolution 34 (S.R. 34)

The Senate Resolution to create a Global Education Task Force has unanimously passed the Senate Education Committee, and will now be sent to the full Senate for consideration. Our goal is to get it out of the Senate as soon as possible so that we can focus our efforts on the House.

Please contact your PA state senator and let them know that you support quick and positive action on S.R. 34

Here are some resources for your efforts:

Find your state senator

Suggested text for your email/phone call:

Dear (Senator’s Name)

 I am writing on behalf of the professional organization, the Pennsylvania Council for International Education (PACIE), in support of Senate Resolution 34.  As you may know, PACIE serves global educators from kindergarten to graduate school in the Commonwealth. The core of its membership includes teachers, principals, superintendents, professors, and study abroad professionals from across the State. Our membership is strong and dedicated to furthering our students’ understanding of the global context in the communities in which we live.

 As you know, Senate Resolution 34 seeks to establish a taskforce that would serve several purposes for the Commonwealth. SR 34 would define global competence in the context of Pennsylvania students, study the programming that is currently in place in our schools and universities, and make recommendations to the agenda assembly that would chart the course forward. The overarching mission of this taskforce is to make Pennsylvania students as competitive as possible in the current workforce. All PACIE stakeholders from corporations to educators are committed to recommending a platform of best practices and programming that would prepare its students for the global economy within PA. The statistics are readily available to support this case: Almost 2 million jobs in PA are tied to international trade in more than 200 countries. 6400 foreign-owned companies employ nearly 300,000 Pennsylvanians. Job growth connected to international trade has increased more than 100% in the past decade.

PACIE deeply thanks the Senate Education Committee for unanimously voting it through the Education Committee so early in the session. As you may remember, in the last legislative session, this resolution was unanimously adopted by the Senate (as SR 228). It then was unanimously approved by the House Education before timing out at the end of the last legislative session. We are extremely hopeful that it will cross the finish line in this legislative session based on the tremendous feedback and support that it received in the last.

 PACIE and its membership are committed to Resolution 34. It is an important first step to catch up to states such as Wisconsin, North Carolina, Delaware, California, Kentucky, among others in their approach to providing students with global competence skills, skills that are routinely noted by the business, non-profit, and public sectors as lacking from the current student profile. While PA does have work to do, there is good news. Passing SR 34 will provide a wide swath of sectors and stakeholders in PA to document what is currently in place both within the Commonwealth and in other states. PACIE’s leadership and membership are willing to help support the efforts across the state by hosting working groups, town hall sessions, and other mechanisms to dive as deeply as possible into the good work that is already being done. That work will form the foundation for the plan that is presented to the general assembly so that PA can be deliberate, tactical, and measured in its approach to promoting global education without mandates for additional standardized testing, burdens on its teachers, and a large resource expenditure. We deeply appreciate your support and passage of this resolution so that we can begin the next phase on PA’s workforce development.


(Your Name)

…and some facts to help make our case for the need for Global Ready Graduates for

Pennsylvania’s workforce:

  • PA’s Economy would be 19 th in the world as an individual country

  • Over 6,500 international companies employ over 300,000 Pennsylvanians

  • There has been over 114% increase in international trade jobs in PA since 1992

  • 97% of business executives rate intercultural skills as important or very important

Past Advocacy Efforts

PACIE is advocating at every level to develop the political will and policies necessary to create global ready graduates for Pennsylvania’s workforce.

PACIE has rededicated itself to advocacy as it pertains to global education from kindergarten to graduate school in the Commonwealth. It has striven through a variety of pursuits to broaden a conversation that was at one point conducted primarily among international educators into one that happens within each household in Pennsylvania. PACIE began these pursuits by engaging with the former Secretary of Education, Carolyn Dumaresq. Through Secretary Dumaresq, we were introduced to an education consultant with whom we work to network in Harrisburg with a wide variety of officials from the Department of Education as well as Capitol Hill.

Members of PACIE have met with more than thirty State Senators and House of Representatives, have worked to regain the naming of the Governor School for Global and International Education, and preserve an excellent relationship with the Secretary and Deputy Secretary of Education. Through these relationships, new legislation is currently underway which would reengage the state in a conversation on what global learning can and should look like for today’s students. PACIE hopes and will continue to advocate for the completion and implementation of this legislation. It further hopes to be a guiding force in the ensuing conversation that would frame Pennsylvania’s expectations for global education within its schools and universities.